We live in a fast-paced world with many distractions. It’s easy to get caught up in multi-tasking, spreading part of your energy and attention across multiple activities -- instead of dedicating laser-like focus to your top priority.

Focus is an essential mental skill, and those folks who can harness and sharpen their mental ninja skills are more likely to execute key tasks efficiently and effectively, stay focused on what they want, and are more likely to accomplish their goals.

The first challenge of focusing is to clearly define what you truly want. Pertinent to this conversation is that your behaviorsactions, and attitudes (the variables that you control) are a direct reflection of your identity (i.e., who you are or who you want to be), your values (i.e., what’s important to you), and priorities (i.e., what you think should come first).




In other words, focus comes from a clear purpose—intention.

In order to help you stay on track—whether it be getting in your workouts, sticking with your nutrition plan, being a better parent, or performing better at work—follow this blueprint to help you stay focused on what truly matters:

  • Write down your goals, values, and priorities.
  • First thing in the morning, review them.
  • Keep a piece of paper in your pocket with your daily goals written on them.
  • Take a moment to “check-in” before making any decision that feels impulsive or compulsive. Ask yourself:
    • What do I want right now?
    • What do I ultimately want?
    • Am I willing to sacrifice my goals and values for what I want right now?
    • Could I wait a little while?
  • In the evening, do a “post-game” analysis to see how your behaviors matched up.
  • Using your “post-game” analysis, create an action plan for the following day.

It’s okay if you get distracted. We all do. The best athletes, meditators, and successful professionals do too; however, they’re really good at returning to focus. In other words, if your thoughts wander or you get slightly off track, realize that it’s normal, pick up the pieces, “notice and name” (important lessons, patterns of behavior, environmental circumstances), re-focus, and bounce back as quickly as possible—better than ever.

Their is no better time to rekindle your focus than during this isolation period and the best investment you can have now is coming out focused and with directions.

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