CEO and The Unknown

CEO and The Unknown

Becoming a CEO definitely comes with certain perks that makes you the envy of many. However, people rarely understand that CEO’s are always subjected to pressures and demands for which they can’t prepare for. The role often comes with outsized expectations that might turn into booby traps if not properly managed.

Becoming a CEO for the first time is the ultimate stretch assignment because nothing you've done to date resembles what you're about to encounter. The stakes are as high as the rewards and more complex. Here are some tips to note going into this role:

  1. Mistakes are inevitable.

  2. Be ready to take the right risk at the right time.

  3. Some mistakes are debilitating.

  4. Never lose touch with your front-line employees.

  5. Always align your plans and objectives with the vision of the business.

  6. Keep your emotions in check at all times.

CEO’s always have to satisfy a long and sometimes contradictory to-do list, hit quarterly target numbers and innovate for long-term growth of the business. You also have to be able to think deeply, decide quickly, stay tough and be vulnerable sometimes. I leave you with the words of Daren Martin: “Sow strategically, reap abundantly”.

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Source: Savvy Online

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